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Markus Wallner-Novak, Josef Koppelhuber, Kurt Pock

Cross-Laminated Timber Structural Design Volume II

Cross-laminated timber as an innovative structural element opens up new possibilities in structural timber construction. This guideline is to assist in properly exploiting and implementing the possibilities in planning and execution.

Format A4
Seiten 192
ISBN 978-3-902320-96-4
Ausgabe 2018

Cross-laminated timber has conquered new markets since the publication of volume I Basic design and engineering principles according to Eurocode. The present volume II describing Applications provides the designer of timber structures on the one hand with basics for design factors, mechanical properties and modelling with finite element method. On the other hand it describes in detail the design of floors, ribbed plates and walls e.g. by design approaches regarding forces in joints of plates and diaphragms, concentrated loads, openings, effective width and compression perpendicular to grain. Current scientific knowledge as well as experience from practical engineers is taken into account. 15 examples demonstrate the design approaches as references for practitioners. Closing background information for the shear correction coefficient, deformations due to concentrated loads and the modelling of crosslaminated timber as general grillage will illuminate the background and facilitate deeper understanding of the design with crosslaminated timber.