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Markus Wallner-Novak, Josef Koppelhuber, Kurt Pock

Cross-Laminated Timber Structural Design
Basic design and engineering principles according to Eurocode

Cross-laminated timber as an innovative structural element opens up new possibilities in structural timber construction. This guideline is to assist in properly exploiting and implementing the possibilities in planning and execution.

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Seiten 192
ISBN 978-3-902320-96-4
Ausgabe 2014
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Firstly, the two-dimensional construction product cross-laminated timber (BSP or XLAM) is described with respect to its manufacture and its properties. This is followed by the most important basic design principles, the description of the structural behaviour, and the fire performance with associated modelling assumptions and characteristic material values according to the safety concept of the Eurocodes.
The section on joining technology focuses on self-tapping woodscrews and is supplemented with general design proposals.
The reinforcement of buildings and the earthquake resistance associated therewith conclude the general part. Application examples are to provide easier access to the described contents and stimulate discussion with further engineering models.